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Account Manager


 The Accounts Manager maximizes sales, profitability, growth and penetration for all Tate products and services within targeted accounts in an assigned territory.  Personally identifies contacts, and secures new business / accounts.


Identify opportunities, promote, sell and close orders from existing and prospective customers through a relationship based approach.


Perform analysis, identify energy and cost savings, demonstrate products and perform other solutions oriented tasks that cause customers to appreciate the value in working with Tate, resulting in the purchase of Tate’s products / service solutions.


A minimum of 10 professional sales calls each week in person or by telephone is required.  A professional sales call, is defined as a scheduled appointment with a definite time and purpose agreed to in advance by the customer to discuss a specific piece of business. Keep an electronic calendar of all scheduled business appointments.


Analyzes the territory and or markets potential and assists in the determination of the value of existing and prospective accounts.  Account Manager will analyze competitor’s presence, their strengths, weaknesses and market share.


Prepare, maintain, and execute customer specific plans and keep all customer activity and contacts up to date in the Company’s CRM system.

Assist the Company’s Sales Support Group in the development, and submission of clear, effective proposals and quotations.  Report on the disposition of all proposals and quotations.


Assist in the resolution of customer problems, complaints, and warranty issues as necessary.


Provide management with oral and written reports, including, but not limited to, annual budget preparation, monthly forecasts, weekly open opportunity reports, customer’s needs, competitors activity and new product, service and customer opportunities.


Keeps abreast of product applications, technical reports, competitor’s activity, and emerging industry trends and assists the Company’s marketing department and technical support group in the preparation of effective selling tools and marketing strategies.


Identifies team members and resources required to cross sell the entire suite of Tate products/services to target accounts and leads a focused effort to penetrate the account, and maximize the sale of the entire product/service line in each.


Personal Characteristics Required: Influential, Goal Oriented, Accountable, and Great Verbal and Written Communication.


Technical Requirements:  TBD




A four year degree from an accredited university is desirable.  Successful completion of seminars, workshops and courses that demonstrate a commitment to learn and grow consistently over the course of a career is important.   Understanding of human psychology essential.  Knowledge of fundamental good business practices necessary.  Expert communication skills required.  Empathetic, with the capacity to perceive the feelings and attitudes of others is essential.  Ability to teach and lead others is necessary.  Technical knowledge of mechanical products is desirable.  Mechanical aptitude and ability to learn is required.  Demonstrated experience leading sales people is highly desirable.  The aptitudes necessary to lead a sales force are essential.

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