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Offering the latest pump technology for highly demanding industrial applications, Tate Engineering is pleased to sell multistage centrifugal pumps from Grundfos, a leader in advanced pump solutions.

For the boiler feed water market, the Grundfos CR-H, CRN-H, CRE-H, and CRNE-H models will easily fit into your existing pump and piping footprint. These units reduce energy costs, maintenance time, and maximize efficiency. Featuring vertical multistage design, Grundfos pumps operate at high pressures and efficiency with minimal internal wear. These space saving pumps work directly with boiler feeds and offer variable speeds. Grundfos pumps are available with booster packages, in-line circulators, and are ideal for aggressive RO & DI liquids. We strive to offer our customers with the latest pump technology, serving the boiler feed market in an array of industries including industrial, power generation, utilities, food & beverage, and government.